Fresno mother receives 4 voter registration forms addressed to 11-year-old-daughter

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FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A Fresno mother received four voter registration forms addressed to her eleven-year-old daughter.

CBS47 On Your Side looked into whether these forms came from the Fresno County Elections Office and it turns out they are official papers.

The forms were asking the 11-year-old to complete her pre-voter registration but she says she didn’t submit a request to do that, someone else did.

The district attorney is now investigating.

“I read it a couple of times and then it really hit me like hold up a second, this mail shouldn’t be coming here,” Chris Bridges, the girl’s mother, said. “Especially for an 11-year-old-child. She’s in sixth grade. There’s no way.”

Most of the personal information was accurate on these registration forms.

“First, middle and last name were correct, e-mail address correct, cell phone number correct, birth date incorrect,” Bridges said.

Her daughter’s birth year was altered, making her 11 going on 17-years-old.

“I was pretty upset that somebody used my daughter’s information,” Bridges said.

Also listed on the voter application was political party preference filled in as democratic.

“That’s not the party we’re voting for, the opposite party of that,” Bridges said. “And at age 11 I don’t think she knows the difference between parties.”

We spoke with the Fresno County Clerk who says the county had no indication the applicant was only eleven.

“This case it’s a little different because it looks like the date of birth entered on the online form was incorrect,” Brandi Orth explained. “So we would need to work with the parent to untangle what had happened here.”

Records show the voter registration was originally submitted online, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.

“My daughter’s laptop is in our bedroom at two in the morning,” Bridges said. “The day that I received the first envelope, I called immediately.”

Three more forms would follow over the next three weeks.

“The application was not processed and the voter was contacted,” Orth said.

“If it’s been sent to us four times, what else is going on that’s being sent to other people? That’s the scary part of it,” Bridges said.

We asked Brandi Orth if she has heard of any other children being sent pre-voter registration forms and she said no.

“I haven’t seen this at all so to me it’s a unique case,” Orth said. “But the important part is there are safe guards in the system to prohibit bad information from becoming a real record.”

Orth has handed this over to the District Attorney’s Public Integrity Unit.

They will investigate how the 11-year-old’s personal information was first entered into the county’s system.

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