SANGER, Calif. (KGPE) – Sanger residents say they are living at a dangerous intersection and want to bring awareness to previous crashes they have caught on camera right in front of their homes.

The intersection is at the cross streets of East Belmont and North Del Rey Avenues.

“I don’t want to live in fear but it is in the back of your head every time you come out here,” Sanger resident Shawn Kerns says.

At the intersection, you can see debris scattered and broken glass shimmers on the shoulder of the roadway. A chunk out of a license plate, plastic parts to a vehicle are a few pieces of evidence from past collisions.

“We sit in the house sometimes and it’s like we’re just waiting to hear a bang,” Kerns said.

It is a two-way stop, cars traveling on Del Rey stop to oncoming traffic on Belmont.

Kerns set up a surveillance camera in his yard facing the intersection.

“Boom, it goes right through the fence, barely misses my car, could’ve killed me and my kids,” Kerns describes a video of a car accident caught on camera.

The car rolls until it hits the front of his house and the woman inside was pulled to safety with the jaws of life. The most recent accident involved a car hitting a boat that was being pulled behind a truck.

That boat not only sliding and breaking down the neighbor’s fence but also slamming against his carport, leaving damage behind.

Years of repairs to downed fences and landscaping have racked up high bills before insurance.

“I bet you I’ve got $60,000 on landscaping and fencing alone,” Swenson said.

Kerns is in a similar position. He is unsure if he wants to install a new fence knowing the likely outcome.

“Whatever I put up in there, they’re going to go through it no matter what and that’s scary especially with grandkids.”

“This is our neighborhood, we have to protect it,” Swenson said. “If we don’t protect it, our kids are going to die.”

Safety is their shared top concern after experiencing some close calls.

CHP says there have been 21 crashes and 9 injuries in the past five years, but fortunately no fatalities.

We will continue to follow this for any developments.