HANFORD, Calif. (KGPE) – A single mother who had sold her home for $90,000 and had placed the money safely in the bank was met with a surprise, finding that the money was completely gone from her account.

Erika had moved in with her parents and was planning to put that money toward a new home.

But when the money disappeared, she says it was one of the scariest situations the single mother has been in.

“Because it was so much money, I was always checking my account to make sure my money was there,” Erika explains.

About two months had passed when she received six notifications from her bank, Wells Fargo.

Her personal information, email and phone number were being updated and changed without her knowledge.

“I checked my account, my money is gone,” Erika says.

Someone gained access to her $90,000.

“Without that money, I don’t have a home for me, for my kids, for my family. So $90,000 is a crazy amount of money to think anybody can have stolen from them,” Erika recalls.

Wells Fargo opened an investigation. She says she attempted to stay in contact with the bank.

“For a whole month, I called every 48 hours,” Erika said, adding that she was unsure she would ever see that money again.

“It was ‘We don’t know – we don’t know what’s going on – we don’t know where the money is at – it’s being investigated.'”

Erika remembers the fear and anxiety she felt.

“I told my parents I feel defeated, like I feel like there’s nothing I can do, I’m not going to get this money back,” she explains.

That’s when her brother decided to look for outside help.

“He said, we’re going to get someone to help,” she explained. She contacted CBS47, who contacted Wells Fargo. The bank escalated Erika’s claim.

“Literally the next day after you sent them an email, they called me,” Erika explains.

The scammer allegedly stole Erika’s identity freely moving $90,000 using her name, until the money wasn’t in her name anymore.

“Those people created that savings account under my name, then transferred my money that was in my checkings account, into the savings account in my name, then transferred it into their banking account that I have no connection with,” Erika says.

Wells Fargo declined to reveal details on what they found in their investigation and it is unknown if the person involved was ever caught or how often the incident occurred.

The bank did provide a statement:

We never want to see anyone become the victim of a scam, and we are actively working to raise awareness of common scams to help prevent these heartbreaking incidents.”

Wells Fargo worked with Erika to make sure the $90,000 was back in her name. She is now able to move forward with buying a new home for her family.

“I am so forever grateful for you and your help.”

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