We have some good news to share with you.

The 100-year-old woman Fresno woman who was fighting city hall to fix her broken water pipe, has been resolved.

Corine Reed and her daughter Aline were overcome with emotion, as they watched crews remove the troublesome tree, it’s roots and then fixed their broken waterline.

Corine spoke exclusively to CBS47 and said, “It’s been hard. The water pipe burst because of that tree and it’s root. It’s very expensive, oh yeah expensive.”

For the past 5 months she watched her water bill skyrocket. It went from $40 a month to more than $300 a month.

CBS47 contacted Fresno city officials.

Within an hour, city crews came out to the site and checked out the line.

The news was not good.

City workers determined the leak was in the service line to the property, past the water meter, which technically is the homeowners responsibility to fix.

But after hearing about Corine’s story, Fresno leaders came to her aid, along with others.

Jack Benigno of Jack Benigo’s Tree Service out of Visalia donated a crew to cut down the tree and remove the stump.

Jack spoke with CBS47 and said, “We all got to stick together. We are all God’s children and everybody has got to help everybody.”

City leaders say an annoymous donor gave 25-hundred dollars to repair the water line.

The city is also going to credit Corine’s water bill and any late payments over the past six months.

Fresno Mayor Lee Brand showed up and assured the Reeds that the city is there to help. Brand said, “When all is said and done, she’s going to have much better days in front of her. That is the least we can do, the city of Fresno to protect our citizens.”

Fresno City Council member Miguel Arias of District 3 said this issue is much bigger for older neighborhoods.

Arias said, “Every year, I get to pick only one neighborhood for trees to be trimmed. I only get to pick one neighborhood for sidewalks to be fixed. That’s an historical problem because we’ve always allocated money equally across the city, when the demands and needs are clearly not equal.”

The Reed’s are just thankful their issue is resolved and she thanked CBS47 for making it happen. Aline Reed said, “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Erik Rosales and Channel 47 Eyewitness News – On Your Side for all the assistance he’s given us in this endeavor. For coming out and meeting my mom and working to get this hugh problem resolved, we really do appreciate it.”

If you have an issue you’d like Erik to look into just email him at erikrosales@cbsfresno.com

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