FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — Alex Holguin was owed $7,000 from Bank of America after a double payment of a home loan.

Alex Holguin was facing a financial burden after payment on a Bank of America home loan became due. An escrow company was late to pay, so Holguin took the $7,000 from his savings to pay off the bank.

“I like to keep my bills taken care of, so I went ahead and paid it off,” Holguin said.

Then, the escrow company also paid Bank of America. It was a double payment on the same loan.

Alex says he called customer service for months trying to get the issue resolved.

“I talked to about 8 to 10 different people, and each time they told me it’s coming in a few days,” Holguin said. “’It’s in the mail.’ Well, I go to the mailbox and nothing is in there.”

Meanwhile, Alex was suffering from severe arthritis in his arms, and the stress of his savings gone was just adding more weight to his shoulders.

Then, moving into a new home, there were improvements to be made with the money that was no longer in his savings.

CBS47 On Your Side reached out to Bank of America, which was quick to help Holguin.

“It wasn’t until you called that I got an answer,” Holguin said. “You guys did it fast, one phone call from you guys did it.”

Bank of America overnighted a check for $7,132 dollars, and just like that Holguin had his money refunded.

“I felt that stress go away and that I was being taken care of. Finally. CBS47 was on my side. And I appreciate it. Thank you.”

We want to thank Bank of America for looking into Alex’s problem and for overnighting his check. Also, since our interview, Alex says that his arthritis has been improving and he’s feeling good ahead of the holidays.

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