FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Employees at non-profit Fresno Moose Lodge said they are scared to go to work after a series of break-ins there. Fresno Police officers are still looking for the two suspects who broke into the lodge located near Fresno Yosemite International airport around 6:00 am on Friday.

“They were on a mission, they knew exactly what they were doing,” said Fresno Moose Lodge #445 President Michael Boltz.

Surveillance video caught two thieves smashing through the front doors of the Fresno Moose Lodge. At first, the two try and pry open the door but then decide to break the glass, grab the ATM from inside and then take off. Boltz said the ATM was bolted to the floor.

“Cement anchors, they yanked it right off,” said Boltz.

This isn’t the first time thieves have hit the site. Boltz shared photos from March of a truck that he said pulled up to a separate entrance. Boltz said the person cut the lock and then stole $2,000 worth of alcohol from the back fridge.

In May, surveillance video caught a person jumping over the bar. The person ripped open the cash register, but it was empty. The thief then grabbed alcohol and went for the jukebox.

“The big guy manhandled the jukebox right off the wall and ripped it right off, put it on his cart, and then drove off,” said Boltz.

Nazanin Bash has worked for the lodge for 4 years. She no longer feels safe working alone out of fear for her safety and her three children at home.

“They are getting crazier and crazier,” said Bash. “The first time was okay but the second and third time? It feels like a deliberate act, almost.”

Boltz said in total, the Fresno Moose Lodge has lost around $12,000. The lodge is part of the nationwide Moose Lodge Organization that charges a membership fee and holds fundraisers with a portion of the funds going to organizations like St. Jude.

“To see this happen?” said Boltz. “It hurts. We do all kinds of charitable stuff and our members help pay for that and that is disgusting to me.”

According to the Fresno Police Department, the Fresno Moose Lodge has filed two police reports but no arrests have been made. The video does not show a license plate number and Boltz said the organization might not submit the thefts to the insurance in fear that the rates will go up.