FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – It is the busiest time of the year for package delivery companies, but buyers beware of con artists out for your prized possession.  

According to Adobe, this year consumers spent over $9 billion on Black Friday and $11 billion on Cyber Monday.  

“We are going to see a holiday season with more deliveries than ever before,” said Central California Better Business Bureau President Blair Looney.  

With many packages headed straight to your doorstep, scammers looking to take advantage. In one scam, con artists sent text messages or emails stating that they are having a difficult time delivering your package and need more instructions.  

“We have ordered so much that we forget who we have ordered from or what the delivery instructions are,” said Looney.  

The email or text includes a link. That link either phishes for your information or downloads a virus to your computer.  

Another scam circulating this holiday season comes in the form of delivery tags. Scammers put notes on the door saying that you were not home and that they need you to call a number to reschedule. However, it is a tactic to get critical information.  

“What is your home address?” said Looney. “They are looking to verify your driver’s license number or social security number.” 

Also, watch out for porch pirates who in some cases even follow delivery drivers to steal packages.  

Looney’s tips to avoid the scam include: 

  1. Print out your order details (order number and tracking number)  
  2. Watch out for strange texts or emails  
  3. Request a delivery signature 
  4. Bring packages inside as soon as possible  
  5. Buy a lock box for your porch or use a community-secured locker