FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – Deals that are too good to be true could end up being sophisticated scams. Just last month, we revealed that online scams have increased by nearly 90% since 2015. with holiday shopping underway the Better Business Bureau updating the scam tracker to help consumers out.

“Be very wary of holiday shopping scams,” said Blair Looney, president of the Central California Better Business Bureau (BBB). “This year we have seen $31.4 million lost through online scams. The holiday season is going to be bigger than that.”

Looney says during the holiday season, scammers will often advertise hard-to-find items at a highly discounted price. The customer, not wanting to miss out on the deal, goes to check it out and the scammer then asks for their information like a credit card, name, birthday and address.

Looney warns they aren’t only out for your money, but for your identity.

“Once they have your identity they are going to have a lot of fun shopping for the holiday and they will have a very joyous holiday at your expense.”

This year Amazon, Capitol One, and the BBB are partnering together to create Scam Tracker. The tool can be used to look up scams and report scams online – and then share the scam report with others on social media.

“To make it much easier to report the scam and to also track scams that might be occurring.”

Looney adds the best way to avoid scammers is to slow down and listen for red flags. Never give out important information like a social security number and do your research before hitting buy.