CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Napa deputy dodges death at the hands of an illegal immigrant


Fresno, CA – The Napa County deputy should have never been in a life or death situation during a routine traffic stop Sunday night. ICE officials confirming Javier Henderson-Morales was deported multiple times prior to 2011.

We’ve heard this story before. Less than two months ago officer Ronil Singh was gunned down in Newman during a routine traffic stop at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

“It’s rapid, it’s brutal, it’s sudden.” said Undersheriff Jon Crawford of Napa County.

In a blink of an eye this routine traffic stop on a rural road in Napa County on Sunday night turns into a deadly gunfight. The deputy dodging the suspect’s point blank shots, then unloading 15 rounds, killing Javier Henderson-Morales. ICE officials confirming he’s an illegal immigrant who was deported three times.

“Another tragic event but fortunately it happened they way it should have happened.”

Merced County Sheriff Vern Warnke along with the entire law enforcement community still coping with the loss of officer Ronil Singh, who was shot at point blank range during a routine traffic stop by an illegal immigrant the day after Christmas.

“Officer Singh would be alive had the deportation rules and the other laws been inacted were actually enforced.” said Sheriff Warnke.

Just like, Paulo Virgen Mendoza, who is charged with singh’s death. Henderson-Morales had several aliases, and was arrested multiple times, the latest in 2016. California law enforcement and even President Trump blaming the sanctuary laws for Singh’s shooting. Napa County officials now answering the same question.

“It was the policy of the department of corrections to cooperate with ICE by offering a courtesy call notifying them of the pending date and time of the subject’s release from our custody so they would be aware to pick the person up if they did in fact want to detain them and as of 2017 Napa County like all California counties has revised its policies to cooperate and be in line with the policies of the state of California.” said the Director of Napa County Department of Corrections, Dina Jose.

Two similar scenarios. One ending with an officer’s death. Another deputy living to fight another day, while the debate over California’s sanctuary state law rages on.

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