Caught on camera: Illegal dumping in Tower District


It’s not a new problem, but some believe it’s getting worse. A camera caught people unloading their garbage on Tower District streets. 

People in the area said they’re fed up with the illegal dumping.

“It’s worse this year than it ever has been,” a resident who did not want to be identified said Monday. He shared his surveillance videos of people pulling up to the sidewalk outside his house and dumping their trash.  

“I don’t have that much garbage, I mean where do they get this much garbage?,” he said. 

“People actually are looking around because they know it’s illegal and they’re looking around to see if anyone is watching and then they’re yanking big old things out of their car,” a neighbor who also did not want to be identified said. 

Video showed a woman struggling to pull a mattress out from the back of her van, eventually dumping it at the curb.

Once a year operation cleanup gives people a way to get rid of bulky trash for free.

“You do have those few people, those bad actors that are going and dumping their garbage in front of other people’s homes, which is not right,” council member Esmeralda Soria said. 

“I don’t really know how you can stop it because people are not following the law. I mean it is written right on there, ‘do not do this,’ but they still do it,” said the neighbor.

Soria said the city wants to know when illegal dumping happens. 

“What I want to ask the residents is to contact the City of Fresno. Let us know if you identify them, report them and we’re going to try to respond accordingly,” she said.

You can report illegal dumping through the FresGO app, by contacting the city, or calling the police department at (559) 621-7000. 


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