Car Launches 12-Feet in Air, Over Canal, Lands on It's Roof

FRESNO, Calif. - A car launches 12-feet into the air over a canal at the McKinley exit off westbound Highway 168, and lands on its roof in a backyard. Fresno Police said the driver, 26-year old Phalahn Lor, died and the 25-year old passenger in the car is fighting for his life. Miraculously, the car missed the house only by a few inches and no one inside was injured.

The car was unrecognizable on Thursday. The scraps of metal used to make up a 2009 Honda Accord.

Police said a witness saw Lor exit McKinley Avenue from westbound 168 around 11:30pm Wednesday night. The witness said the car was going about 80 miles an hour as it exited and blew a red light.

Captain Michael Reid said, "As it traveled across all four lanes of McKinley, it struck the canal bank on the south side of McKinley and launched that vehicle into the air."

Reid said the car slipped through a narrow opening in between the six foot fence of a house and the power line. Lor allegedly hit a tree 12-feet high.

"And it rolled the car over, and it landed on it's roof," stated Reid.

The owner of the house where the car landed, didn't want to speak on camera, but said her thoughts and prayers are with the Lor family. She said her 10-year old daughter was sleeping in a room just inches from where the car landed.

"It's but for the Grace of God that anybody else was injured," ended Reid.

Reid said a 25-year old male passenger survived the crash and is in critical but stable condition. Police said speed was a factor in the crash.

Police are also looking into if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. They are waiting for toxicology reports from the deceased victim.

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