Police say there’s been a spike in car break-ins in Northeast Fresno and the crimes are happening near Fresno State and other areas. Police also say this rash of car burglaries is spreading into residential areas usually not hit as often. 

“I mean we have Fashion Fair, River Park, Fresno State. A lot of large places that draw large crowds of people and lots of parking,” said Sergeant Michael Landon.

A booming area in Northeast Fresno being hit by car burglaries. Police analyze footage of two men prowling a neighborhood driveway looking for their next victim. Another video shows a man pulling a smash and grab, stealing valuable camera equipment.

“There are some areas that aren’t hit as frequently that I see being hit more frequently in the northern end of the district,” said Landon.

Police reported 72 car burglaries in just 14 days, a 64-percent jump from two weeks prior. Landon says car break-ins are up 15-percent compared to this time last year.

“Debit card gone. ID was on the floor as well,” said Ronald Moran.

Moran says he’s had two different cars broken into. He even says recently car prowlers flashed lights on him while he sat in his ride.

“Bad taste in your mouth type of feeling like somebody else was all up in your privacy,” said Moran.

And in a society where many people own smart phones, tablets, and laptops, these invasions of privacy can open a gateway to identity theft.

“From the people that we do business with, the people we contact, our friends and relatives, our mother’s maiden names, our bank transactions. All of these things our kept on our personal devices,” said J. Colin Petersen.

Petersen is the President and CEO of JIT Outsource and works with businesses on their online security. Police continue to remind car owners to take any item of value with them when they leave their vehicle.

“I consider Northeast Fresno like a safe part of town as compared to where I’m at,” said Moran.

And it just proves that crime is mobile. Police say car burglaries are down overall by 3 percent city-wide but there’s no rhyme or reason why it’s spiking in the Northeast.