Candidates for Fresno County Supervisor focus on homelessness


Fresno County voters are about to decide on who will represent them on the Board of Supervisor in Fresno County District 2. 

All three candidates are bringing different ideas to how to tackle issues in District 2 and around the county. 
A Fresno City Council, a marketing director for a non-profit organization and a former baseball player turned developer all want to fill the vacant seat. 
All three admit that homelessness is a top concern. 

“We’ve got to clean up the streets in Fresno and make all of our lives better, so we have to work on the behalf of a couple thousands of people that need instant help. We have help for them but we also have to work on behalf of 530,000 people that call Fresno home and clean up our streets, our businesses and our neighborhoods,” small business owner Steve Brandau said. 

Brandau is a Fresno City council man who represents district 2 and voted for a no camping ordianance. 
Supervisor candidate Nasreen Johnson said the no camping ban hasn’t helped the homelessness problem. 

“Homelessness is only increasing. We’ve had only 15 percent increase in homeless population over the last two years and so I would like to see those results swing the other way and actually reduce homelessness in our community. I think the way that we do that is bring the stake holders and we map out a plan,” she said. 

The district covers Woodward Park, parts of Clovis and the Fig Garden area.

If none of the candidates win 50 percent of the vote on March 5 than a runoff election will happen on June 4.

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