The fight’s heating up for the District 31 seat in the California State Assembly. Henry T. Perea resigned from the seat back in December.

Now three candidates trying to replace him in a Special Election on April 5. Doctor Joaquin Arambula, Fresno City Council Member Clint Olivier, and retired Hewlitt Packard Engineer Ted Miller.

The Olivier campaign is now upset over an attack ad, which includes pieces of a podcast by Longbox.FM, featuring Olivier last November.

This is the portion that was aired in the ad:

“People will say you have a right to clean water, that’s a luxury item. People will say you have a right to an education, you have a right to clean air.” “Do you feel these are rights?” “No I don’t.”

But the actual podcast had more to say.

“You have a right to life, liberty and the right to own property and everything else is a luxury item,” Olivier said in the podcast.

“This is a complete pack of lies and a misrepresentation of my position,” Olivier said about the ad.

Olivier says his words were taken out of context. He explains why he believes items like clean water are a luxury.

“In the United States, we have a very high standard of living and so the things that we enjoy every day and take for granted as luxuries are really items that a lot of folks are doing without and that was what we were talking about,” Olivier said.

The ad was created by the California Medical Association Political Action Committee, endorsing Joaquin Arambula.

“It’s not our ad, I haven’t listened to his podcast,” Arambula said.

Arambula says he had no knowledge of it, and doesn’t support attack ads.

“I’m trying to stay above the fray. I think we can all say that in looking at the Republican discourse and looking at the Republican debate that attack ads are not working and how distasteful they are,” Arambula said.

But another person upset by the ad is Chris dowdy, the podcaster behind the interview he says was taken without his permission.

“The fact is no one reached out and said hey we’d like to use this,” Dowdy said.

He says he’s not speaking out to endorse a particular candidate, just to make sure the facts are straight.

“my interpretation of what he said was not what the commercial shows. It goes down a bigger path.”

It’s just the latest back and forth in what has already been an intense campaign.

The Political Action Committee that sponsored the ad says the podcast is public domain so had access to use it.

Jason Kinney, Spokesperson for Healthcare Providers for the Central Valley released the following statement:

“Health providers know firsthand the devastating impacts the lack of clean air and water are having on the Central Valley – so broadcasting Clint Olivier’s very own words saying clean air, clean water and public education are not ‘rights’ but ‘luxury items’ is not only fair but 100-percent relevant.”  

Ballots for early voting were mailed out today.

You can find the full podcast here: