FRESNO COUNTY, California. (KSEE) – On June 15, Camp Fresno will be opening back up for the first time in more than a year and hosting free one-to-three-day camp sessions for kids of all ages.

Mayor Dyer joined a large group of volunteers Saturday morning to do some last-minute clean-up and prepare for campers.

“It’s not just beautifying a camp – it is transforming the lives of our youth forever,” Dyer said.

The city of Fresno has owned Camp Fresno since the 1920s but it’s been neglected in recent years, requiring major clean-up efforts and investments. Mayor Dyer said he believes the camp is worth investing in, as he sees it being a place to make a positive impact on Fresno’s youth.

“We’re going to be providing them with a curriculum that is very detail-oriented, that’s going to focus on civic engagement, community involvement… It is my hope that the youth that oftentimes ends up in a life of crime or a gang, will never take that path because of Camp Fresno,” he said.

The camp will run for two months, and Dyer said he hopes to see roughly 1,000 kids take advantage.

He said based on the reaction and generous donations his “One-Fresno” foundation has seen since launching last week, he believes the city will be able to host free camps for years to come.

“We want free transportation, free food, free curriculum…. We want our youth to come up here and just get excited and enjoy what nature has to offer,” he said.

To sign up for Camp Fresno, visit here.