It was a rude awakening for one Fresno woman when a tire shot off a passing car and slammed into her house. 

“It sounded like the SWAT team was trying to come through the front door,” Stephanie Igoa said Monday. 

It happened just before 7 a.m. as Igoa slept. Surveillance cameras caught an SUV approaching her Tower District home. Suddenly a tire comes free, jumps the curb, and crashes into her entryway. 

She said it sounded like a battering ram, and instantly thought someone was breaking in.

“I was like, I’ve got to figure this out. So I get my gun and then I started clearing the house and I started going through the windows,” Igoa said.

But this was no thief. “Then my roommate goes and looks at the cameras, and that’s when she realizes okay, it’s a flying tire,” she said. 

It hits with enough force to break the brick siding and shatters a ceramic ashtray on contact. 

While Igoa is not thrilled with the cosmetic damage, she says it could’ve been much worse — The tire narrowly misses her bedroom window.

“That would have been not cool, because I would have ended up at (CRMC), because my bed is right over (by) the window,” she said. 

Igoa said the driver was apologetic, the police responded quickly, and after getting some more sleep, she felt better about the situation. 

“Then it became funny. It’s like OK this is funny. It’s not that serious,” she said.