FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — A few weeks ago we brought you a story about how the local non-profit organization ‘Break the Barriers’ was hurting financially.

After seeing the story CalViva Health decided to donate and help the center stay open. 

“We are aware of this organization being around for over three decades now and that you do provide services for our members so we wanted to help out as best we could we’d like to present you with a check for $20,000,” announced Greg Hund, CEO of CalViva Health.

“This is a blessing,” said CEO of Break the Barriers, Jared Hergenrader. ”We couldn’t believe the amount number one so many foundations, grants who had promised us funds even though we are essential they’ve held on to their funds.” 

The money donated Monday will help keep the programs running, which includes the day camps for kids, the classes for senior citizens, and the programs for veterans. 

“One of the biggest things veterans are dealing with is isolating,” said Tyler Hergenrader, the Veteran’s Program Director.

“A lot of them are going through stuff and it’s a lot of understandable things that they’ve gone through and it’s our job to tell them hey there are people who love you in the community and want to give back to you.”