LODI, Calif. (KTXL) — Monday was supposed to be the day Marijo Planas and Everardo Alex Munoz were supposed to lay their stillborn daughter Amiliana Rose to rest. 

Instead, the parents of the 21-week-old stillborn baby ended up heartbroken after learning that their daughter’s remains were disposed of in the garbage. 

As they mourn their stillborn daughter, the parents learned about their baby being thrown away after they were notified Saturday by the Cherokee Memorial Funeral Home in Lodi.

“You hear it and you don’t believe it,” Munoz told FOX40 on Monday. “So you have to hear it multiple times till it just clicks in your head that your daughter’s remains were thrown in the trash.” 

Here is everything we know about what happened to the body of Amiliana Rose. 

What happened to Amiliana’s body? 

Planas gave birth to Amiliana Rose on June 9 during her 21st week of pregnancy. Her daughter’s remains were later picked up by the funeral home from the hospital on June 28. 

After Planas and Munoz were notified by the funeral home that their daughter’s body was missing, they immediately reported the incident to the Lodi Police Department on Saturday. 

Police said officers received a call around 4:30 p.m. Saturday that a fetus was missing from the funeral home’s storage area. 

An investigating officer and Planas went to the funeral home Sunday where they reviewed security camera footage. 

According to police, someone discarded an item containing the fetus into a waste container in the video. The incident happened two weeks before Planas and Munoz notified the police. 

The parents said the funeral home knew about the incident since July 5, 11 days before they were notified. 

Police said all waste containers have been emptied and transported by a waste collection company.

“There was another person, went into the freezer, grabbed her bag. Dropped her on the floor,” Planas said. “The guy got the bag and started shaking her, like this and swinging her. Opened, unzipped her, took her out of the black bag, opened it, got a trash bag and just threw her in there. He just threw her.” 

Marijo Planas and Everardo Munoz hold and say their goodbyes to their stillborn daughter Amiliana Rose. Photos courtesy of Marijo Planas. 

According to police, the person who disposed of the baby’s remains works for a contractor and not for the funeral home. The person was delivering a body to the funeral home that day, but it is not the contractor’s regular duty to dispose of remains, police said. 

Police said the investigation is in the preliminary stages and will try to determine if there was any malicious intent or if anyone is at fault. 

In a statement to FOX40, the funeral home said,” Cherokee Memorial is aware of a situation that has arisen with a grieving family we are currently serving. We are working closely with the family, law enforcement and others involved to investigate and resolve the issue quickly.”

The search for Amiliana’s remains continues

Lodi police said they have not yet found the missing body of the stillborn after searching through a landfill on Sunday. 

According to a social media post, police said they were able to identify employees connected to the incident and questioned them about the situation. 

Police said it will be up to the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office to file charges. 

Family wants justice for Amiliana

The family plans to take legal action against the funeral home and the third-party contractor, saying they’re holding them accountable for the incident

A GoFundMe account was created Tuesday by Yvonne Munoz-Hall, the aunt of the baby, to raise money for legal and travel fees for her brother Everardo and Planas, her sister-in-law. The goal of the account is to raise $15,000. 

According to the GoFundMe page, the family said they’re taking legal action to ensure this type of incident “never ever happens to another family.” 

“They had this last thing to bring them comfort when they needed to visit her and bring her flowers, bring her a birthday cake, read her a book, tell her how much they wish they could just hold her,” Munoz-Hall said on the GoFundMe account. “To cry at a place they can find peace, but all of that was robbed.” 

As of Tuesday, the account has received $440 of its goal within its first 12 hours online.