A Las Vegas Raiders fan was sent reeling from a pair of punches from an opposing fan at SoFi Stadium on Sunday.

A video posted to X shows the Raiders fan, who was wearing a Howie Long jersey, standing face-to-face with a seated Chargers fan in a Justin Herbert jersey. The L.A. fan stands up, pushes the Raiders fan back, and then lands a brutal right hook to his face, the video shows.

The Raiders fan falls and quickly gets back up, but when he tries to confront the Chargers fan again, he’s hit once more, this time suffering a glancing blow to his chin.

Chargers fan punches Raiders fan
Video posted on social media shows a Los Angeles Chargers fan punching a Las Vegas Raiders fan on Oct. 1, 2023. (Ricardo Vargas via Storyful)

Despite several attempts to regain his footing, the Raiders fan is continually pushed down by the Chargers fan, including a forceful shove to the throat that sends him sprawling down several rows. An audible “thud” can be heard when he lands, possibly indicating that his head struck the handrail.

This seems to be the final straw for many onlookers, particularly one Raiders fan who steps in to calm down the Chargers fan.

It was unclear if either or both fans were ejected from the game.

To add insult to an apparent injury, the Raiders’ comeback attempt fell short and they lost to the Chargers 24-17.

This latest outbreak of violence in the stands comes a week and a half after a large fight broke out among San Francisco 49ers fans at Levi’s Stadium during a Thursday Night Football game against the New York Giants.