BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — New audio released Tuesday night of Kevin McCarthy on a phone call with top GOP House leaders after Jan. 6, provides more insight into his response to the insurrection in the days following the attack.

This comes after a tumultuous week for the Bakersfield Congressman.

On Thursday last week, the New York Times released recordings of McCarthy saying he would consider recommending former President Donald Trump resign before Trump was potentially removed from office.

That was followed by audio of McCarthy saying he ‘had it’ with Trump.

McCarthy continues to deny the reporting, but now we are learning more about the House Minority Leader’s perspective on other House GOP members that day, particularly those with close ties to the former President.

“I just got something sent now about Newsmax something Matt Gaetz said where he’s calling people’s names out, saying an anti-Trump in this type of atmosphere, so many other places,” McCarthy said on the call. “This is serious stuff people are doing, that has to stop.”

McCarthy mentioned a handful of GOP House members by name, pointing specifically to Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) — a close ally of former President Trump — for his rhetoric around the attack. Gaetz did a television interview in which he called out Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) and other Republicans who were critical of the former President.

“Well he’s putting people in jeopardy, and he doesn’t need to be doing this. We saw what people would do in the Capitol,” McCarthy said on the call.

On the call, the House Minority Leader questioned if Twitter could remove some GOP members from the platform as it did with the former President after the attack. That sent one of the most influential conservative figures — Fox News Host Tucker Carlson — into a frenzy.

“Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away too?” Those are the tape-recorded words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy – a man who in private turns out sounds like an MSNBC contributor,” Carlson said in his broadcast Tuesday night. “And yet unless conservatives get their act together right away, Kevin McCarthy or one of his highly liberal allies like Elise Stefanik is very likely to be speaker of the House in January. That would mean we would have a Republican Congress led by a puppet of the Democratic party.”

Gaetz put out a statement on Twitter last night calling McCarthy’s behavior “weak.”

But for the most, part McCarthy has not received much backlash from his party in Congress for his comments.

Trump himself said he didn’t like the tapes but was not mad because McCarthy never went through with recommending the former President resign.