REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KRON) — A man who allegedly used children as human shields before he was fatally shot by police in Redwood City was identified by a coroner on Wednesday.

Abran Gutierrez, 36, of San Carlos, was armed when police officers shot him in the middle of a busy intersection of El Camino Real Tuesday afternoon, according to investigators.

Witnesses sent KRON4 dramatic video showing people running for their lives and police officers opening fire. Police said officers likely stopped the man from shooting the children.

The Redwood City Police Department said the incident stemmed from a domestic violence incident involving Gutierrez, a woman, and two young children, and a 1-year-old baby. The relationship between Gutierrez and the domestic violence victims is unclear.

Emergency dispatchers received a 911 call from someone inside a car on El Camino Real.

“No one spoke with the dispatcher, however, the dispatcher could hear what sounded like a child screaming in the background and then the phone disconnected,” Redwood City police wrote.

Police said Gutierrez was inside the car with the woman and three children when officers arrived.

“Shortly after the arrival of officers, the adult male armed himself with a handgun and began attempting to use the children as a shield.  Officers began attempting to negotiate with the adult male, however, before communication could be established, officers perceived the adult male was attempting to shoot the adult female and/or the children.  Officers responded immediately with lethal force,” police wrote.

The children were unharmed and the woman suffered injuries. Officers said Gutierrez’s handgun was loaded. Police did not say if he fired any shots during the shooting.

Gutierrez was pronounced dead at a hospital.

All of the involved officers were placed on paid administrative leave. The San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office will investigate the officers’ use of lethal force.