BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The NFL announcers are talking about it, Carson Daly from, “The Voice” is talking about, and Chiefs fans are talking about it. Just not in Bakersfield. “Taylor who?” said Chiefs fan, Christophe Boucher.

Millions are buzzing about the budding romance between Pop Star Taylor Swift and Chiefs Star Tight End, Travis Kelce. Just not so much at the home of the Bakersfield Chiefs Kingdom Fan Club at the El Rinconcito Mexican Grill and Bar.

Ray Villalobos, leader of the Bakersfield chapter of die-hard Chiefs fans, has been rooting for his team for three decades, and he’s team Travis. “Everybody says she (Taylor Swift) put him (Travis Kelce) on the map, but he’s already been on the map.”

Travis Kelce jerseys have been surging, seeing a nearly 400% spike in sales since the Swift appearance, according to Fanatics.

Christophe Boucher has been a Chiefs fan since 1997 when Tony Gonzales got drafted from Cal. Now, he’s Kelce’s number one fan and he welcomes the trend. Christophe says, “We’ve had enough bandwagon fans the last couple of years. What’s a couple million extra from around the world.”

Chiefs fan, James Story was spotted wearing the Kelce jersey with his wife on date night at El Rinconcito, but he’s showing the “Kelce-Swift” romance no love. “Travis Kelce is a great wide receiver. I don’t like Taylor Swift at all,” said Story.

Whether you’re Team Travis or Team Taylor, it’s a good time to be a Chiefs fan, and a good time to be a whatever you call it fan.