A pursuit involving a suspected car thief came to a bizarre end in Sherman Oaks Thursday night when the driver refused to surrender after police executed a successful PIT maneuver.

Authorities say the car was stolen from a liquor store in the Moorpark area. When California Highway Patrol officers tried to pull over the female suspect, they say she sped off, leading authorities on a chase.

The driver ran through red lights before parking momentarily at a Ralph’s grocery store, but then she took off again, driving on the South 101 Freeway, authorities said.

Officers laid down a spike strip on the 101, puncturing the car’s tires. The driver slowed down and exited the freeway in Sherman Oaks where an officer’s successful PIT maneuver brought the chase to an end.

Sky5 footage showed the driver exited the car but refused to surrender. She walked over to a sidewalk where officers approached her with a K-9. The dog latched onto the woman’s sweater and ripped it off.

She was taken into custody without any additional trouble.