Gov. Newsom introduces proposal to help California immigrants, asylum seekers


Gov. Gavin Newsom is continuing his effort to help the state’s immigrants and asylum seekers.

Newsom announced his proposal to budget $25 million for a program to help organizations and nonprofits that assist the groups.

“Everybody that we are supporting came here legally. They came in an orderly manner, they’re processing as they should be in a remarkably dignified way,” said Newsom.

The governor hopes to release $5 million of that as soon as possible to border communities.

The assembly is set to discuss the funding Monday. Republican Vice Chairman of the Assembly Budget Committee Jay Obernolte says he’s confident it will pass.

“The state of California really has a humanitarian emergency with our border cities,” said Obernolte. “Because we’ve got these asylum seekers that ICE is releasing into the cities, California doesn’t control what ICE does.”

The assemblyman says the state doesn’t control federal immigration policies but still has to react to the presence of the emergency in border cities.

Obernolte says the proposal gives those cities the funding to respond to the crisis.

The governor’s immigration efforts come during a contentious national debate on border security and funding for a wall.

Dressed in sombreros and ponchos, far right activists, including Fresno radio personality Ben Berqguam face trespassing charges after a demonstration earlier this week at the Governor’s Mansion.

In an e-mail to his subscribers, Newsom says right-wing groups are trying to spread misinformation and fear about his efforts.

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