DMV glitch impacts thousands of CA customers who renewed license online


Technology issues at the Department of Motor Vehicles are causing more headaches for some customers who say they haven’t received their renewed license after completing the application online. 

The online process is meant to make renewing driver’s licenses more convenient, but it’s only adding to the controversy surrounding Calfornia’s DMV. 

The DMV confirmed Thursday that a computer programming error resulted in the failure to send thousands of driver’s licenses to customers who renewed and paid for them online. 

Although the department sends out renewal notices between 120 t0 150 days before a license expires, the online system can only process payments 115 days before the expiration. 

Although the payments went through, the DMV says the licenses were never sent. 

“I’m no longer surprised that this kind of stuff happens over and over and over again,” Assemblyman Jim Patterson said. 

In January, Governor Gavin Newsom announced a strike team would spend six months analyzing and coming up with ways to improve the department.

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