Crews with the Los Angeles County Fire Department rescued a dog Wednesday that fell into a 50-foot deep sinkhole in the backyard of a Compton area home.

Calls about the incident, in the 13700 block of Stanford Avenue, came in at around 3:42 p.m., according to L.A. County Fire Public Information Officer Munoz.

Firefighters worked to secure the sinkhole to prevent a secondary collapse while trying to clear enough space to rescue the dog, whose name is Maya.

According to the family, their other dog stood over the sinkhole barking, alerting them to the fact that Maya had fallen into the sinkhole.

Aerial footage from Sky5 showed a large presence of first responders outside the home and in the backyard during the rescue.

Animal control was brought in at one point to help with the situation.

Firefighters were eventually able to pull the animal from the sinkhole, where it came out with its tail wagging and was reunited with his owners.