BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The California Highway Patrol’s Bakersfield Office is now warning drivers of a scam that has been happening on state freeways.

The Bakersfield CHP Office has received reports from drivers of being stopped by a man who steps in front of their vehicles and then proceeds to ask for help. After being stopped, the man then asks if they would like to buy jewelry or asks for gas money. The men then ask for bank information to pay back the drivers.

“This is a scam!!,” writes the CHP on Facebook. “Never give your personal information to a stranger!”

The office says they have received multiple calls for this same situation at the same time and warn drivers that this is likely a group of people involved with the scam.

The vehicles driven by the scammers usually have an out-of-state license plate, according to CHP.

CHP says if you see this scam taking place or are a victim of this scam call 911.