(FOX40.COM) — If you’re driving along Highway 99 in South Sacramento, you may look out your windshield and notice some aesthetically pleasing visuals on your journey.

Those visuals are courtesy of the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), which has begun implementing “safety and beautification” improvements to Highway 99.
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“Working with community groups, several ‘river-themed’ additions have been added to this 9-mile stretch of the highway,” the department said in a social media post.

The accompanying image shows the bright blue river covering the wall of the underpass on Broadway and Florin Road. Another image shows a light brown wall with a black design that mimics the appearance of trees on the horizon.

Caltrans is installing “safety and beautification” projects throughout the Sacramento area. (Credit: California Department of Transportation | Facebook)

Along with the river-themed walls, the agency said it will be adding drought-resistant landscaping, colorful fencing for the pedestrian bridges and public art designed by local artists and residents.

“This is just one of 126 similar highway projects taking place throughout the state thanks to the Clean California Initiative,” Caltrans said.

The agency said it has awarded over 100 grants to other local agencies for community improvements. Six of those agencies are located in Sacramento County.