SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — The California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services said it is aware of statements made about potential threats related to the situation in Israel and Gaza on Friday. In a statement issued Thursday, Nancy Ward, who serves as California’s Homeland Security Advisor, said the agency is “actively monitoring the developing situation in Israel and Gaza and closely coordinating with our security partners to track potential on the domestic threat environment.”

The agency said that while they are aware of potential threats, they want to emphasize that “no specific and credible threat to California has been identified.”

“The situation remains dynamic and evolving. I continue to actively brief the Governor on the current situation and state intelligence and law enforcement officials are working around the clock to safeguard the safety and security of all Californians,” Ward said in a statement.

The agency, according to Ward, is in touch with faith leaders and communities statewide, “to provide support, listen to their concerns and offer the full resources of the state.”

Cal OES said it will coordinate with partners at state, local and federal levels to “ensure they have the resources and information necessary to keep our communities safe.”

The agency urges communities to be “alert, vigil and prepared to immediately report any suspicious activity through proper channels.”