(KTXL) — California Democratic Party leaders contrasted themselves against Republicans in an effort to rally their own supporters at the California Democratic Convention in Los Angeles Saturday.

During her keynote address, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) blamed her Republican colleagues for the debt limit situation taking place in Washington D.C. and raised alarm bells for what could happen if the U.S. Government defaults on its $31 trillion debt.

“I sadly come here today with a grave warning,” Pelosi said. “As we speak, extremist Republicans have pushed America to the brink of unpreceded default on America’s full faith and credit {boos} — a default that would trigger economic Armageddon, killing jobs, erasing savings, plunging the economy into recession…” 

Current House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R) fired back, sharing a video on his Twitter page arguing that federal spending is not sustainable.

“It really goes to the fundamental problem that we have,” McCarthy said. “Democrats want to spend more and tax more and that’s just not healthy for America.”

Back at the state convention, a passionate Governor Gavin Newsom (D) went after Republican leaders in red states.

“Standing up for our freedoms and liberties which are under attack across this country in red states — large and small — the rights revolution is now a rights regression in states like Florida, Texas, and Indiana,” Newsom said. “And we need to stand tall as Democrats.”

More than two dozen protestors demanding a single-payer healthcare system across the state tried to shout down the governor during his speech.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass similarly spoke out against Republican leaders.

“Our elected officials on every level know that the fight for social and economic justice is at the core of who we are as democrats,” Bass said. “It is… what distinguishes us as the party for democracy from the party for authoritarianism. It is very clear who we are.”

In a press release, the California Republican Party said that Democrats’ 10+ years in power have been harmful to the state.

“California Democrats never miss an opportunity to make out-of-touch, reckless decisions that push our state further down the wrong path,” the state’s largest opposition party said. “As Democrats convene for their convention this weekend, it will serve as a reminder that Democrats’ one-party rule is failing our state. Sadly, it’s Californians who are left to deal with the consequences of their incompetence.  “