While all of California may not look transform into a snowy wonderland during the holidays, a new study from WalletHub shows that California cities are among the best places to celebrate the joyous season.

The personal finance website put together a list of the top-ranked locations to celebrate Christmas based on 32 key metrics grouped into five categories: Traditions & Fun, Observance, Generosity, Shopping, and Costs.

Researchers analyzed 100 of the country’s largest cities, giving each location an average score that determined its position.

Three California cities, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, ranked within the top 20 best places to celebrate the holiday.

11th: San Francisco, overall score: 54.30

12th: Los Angeles, overall score: 54.24

20th: San Diego, overall score 50.40

Source: WalletHub

Other California cities on the list included:

26th: Sacramento

41st: Oakland

43rd: Anaheim

54th: Irvine

60th: Santa Ana

65th: San Jose

77th: Long Beach

80th: Fremont

83rd: Fresno

86th: Riverside

91st: Stockton

94th: Chula Vista

99th: San Bernardino

The best places to celebrate the holidays are Seattle, Atlanta, and Las Vegas, ranked first, second, and third, respectively.