California challenging Trump administration over ‘Turnback Policy’


The drama between Californa and the White House continues as the state is now getting involved in a lawsuit over what some call an inhumane border patrol policy. 

Attorney General Xavier Beccera sued the Trump administration earlier this week over the president’s national emergency declaration and on Friday he challenged border patrol policies. 

California, along with a dozen other states, filed an amicus brief against the administration— an action showing support for a lawsuit already underway against the border patrol’s alleged “Turnback Policy.” 

The lawsuit was first filed by immigrant rights groups in 2017 and claims U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a policy that allows agents to turn back asylum seekers at the border. 

In Friday’s court filing, several state attorney generals claimed the policy promotes inhumane conditions as asylum seekers are intimidated, lied to and threatened at the border. 

Beccera noted the policy contradicts U.S. treaty obligations and federal law which gives asylum seekers a fair chance to present their claims.

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