California bill introduced to end wild, exotic animal traveling acts


A California bill was introduced that would take away the opportunity for off-site wild animal education programs, impacting a Central Valley big cat rescue.

The passage of SB 313, entitled “Circus Cruelty Prevention Act,” would prohibit using wild or exotic animals in a “traveling act,” and each violation would impose a penalty.

The Central Valley’s, Cat Haven, is responding to the proposed bill in a statement:

So much of what we do is educating people to take action to save cats around the world. We give out $100,000’s to projects saving cats in the wild and try to inspire the next generation of people to do the same. The California Senate (Senator Hueso) has introduced a bill that would stop us from taking any cat off the cat haven property. I believe the intention of the Senator is good to stop abuse of animals but it is very poorly executed in SB 313.

The organization says the bill would its off-site education program, fundraising events and/or television spots.

They are asking for their supporters to voice their opposition to the bill. “Be nice, his office has been very good at hearing our concern but the bill needs to be stopped or changed dramatically.”

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