NEVADA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) —The body of a Yuba City woman and a second body believed to be her boyfriend who both went missing August 7 were found on Wednesday night, authorities said.

According to a joint news release from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and the Yuba City Police, a man called the Gridley Police Department saying that he saw a vehicle that skidded off the road in the area of Highway 20 and Poker Flats Road.

When the California Highway Patrol arrived on the scene with help from the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, the man who called 911 was able to point out the vehicle that had driven off the road.

According to the news release, the vehicle was not visible from the highway and was covered by a bush.

When first responders reached the vehicle they found a man and woman deceased outside the vehicle.

Law enforcement said the female was confirmed to be 29-year-old Janette Pantoja and the man was tentatively identified as 36-year-old Juan Almanza Zavala, a couple who were reported missing after a trip to Reno earlier this month.