California Lawmakers Look to Get Polluting Trucks off California Roads


FRESNO, Calif. —  California lawmakers are looking at the trucking industry to crack down on air pollution. 

They announced a series of bills to cut down on harmful emissions from heavy duty vehicles.  

This includes getting old big rigs off the roads and  enforcing smog checks for truckers in the state.

“This is a lot of trouble for the truckers,” said Jaswinder. 

Jaswinder has been a truck driver based in Fresno for 28 years.

To make his deliveries lately, he ‘s been using this truck and borrowing it from a colleague. 

“He said no problem you can drive my truck,” said Jaswinder. 

This is because he had to sell his truck to keep up with the codes, but the problem is he can’t afford a new one. 

“It is not right you work so many years,” said Jaswinder. 

He fears that the new bills coming down will push many other California truckers into the same situation he is in, wondering how long he will last. 

 “They make too many issues California,” said Jaswinder. 

Lawmakers announced bills to cut down on harmful emissions from heavy – duty vehicles. One of them establishes a truck exchange program that would help companies replace older pollution truck engines with cleaner models that run on alternative fuels.

Lawmakers said the program will help truck fleets take advantage of cleaner technologies.

Another proposal announced on Tuesday, lawmakers are trying with a bill that would require big-rig trucks to get routine smog checks as they try to crack down on pollutants. 

Truckers have mixed feelings on both.

“We just lose a little bit of time but to me no biggie,” said Jose Santos, Truck Driver. 

“Leave us alone quit passing all these laws,” said another Truck Driver. 

Jaswinder fears that if all the new bills pass, truck drivers will be run out of the business and there won’t be enough to deliver the food. 

 “Everyone gets hungry and needs food.” 

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