A brazen burglary in broad daylight, over a dozen firearms and ammunition are stolen from a home and it was all caught on surveillance video.

The suspects are seen taking off with several guns but Fresno Police are now investigating the case and have asked us not to show the video at this time.

The homeowners did not want to be identified but hope the information will help find the suspects and the guns. “My biggest concern is they have weapons, ammo and magazines, they can really hurt somebody out there.”

The victims of the burglary rushed home just before nine Friday morning when their alarm system notified them of a break in.

“I was shocked, the worst case scenario was everything is gone, you think about the financial stress but when I realized what they had taken it was really, really scary.”

“About 15 guns, from handguns to assault riffles to shotguns, things that are registered in my name.”

The homeowners only gave access to CBS 47 Eyewitness News and walked us through the home, they showed us their surveillance system in which three suspects are seen breaking into the garage. They then kicked through the dry wall and into the bedroom where the guns were stored.

“That’s really odd, it’s really unusual. I was shocked, in broad daylight,” Lt. Joe Gomez said.

The guns were all registered to the homeowners and are worth about 10 thousand dollars, but his biggest concern is the weapons being used.

“Pretty upset, I feel somebody knew what they were doing, they came in and out, it upsets me.”

The burglars also took a watch and a bycicle but left at least two other weapons behind.
“They look like young Hispanic males, dark clothing, wearing dark baseball caps. They took off in what could be a Suburban, could be a Tahoe,” Lt. Gomez.

The suspect vehicle appears to be a 1999 to 2002 Tahoe, pewter in color and was possibly driven by a White or Hispanic female with either pink or purple hair. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP.