Buchanan students make touching tribute to Ed Folsom


The pain is still fresh after a Buchanan High School  teacher’s sudden death last week, but one class is hoping to help the school heal.

Students in the Visual Arts Department produced a touching tribute video dedicated to Ed Folsom.

“It was a lot of work and it was very emotional. I had to step away at one point,” Courtney Compton a senior at the school said Thursday. 

The class produces a biweekly newscast for the school, but changed things up after Folsom died unexpectedly last Monday. 

“We decided as a class to throw out the newscast that we had already shot and do this instead,” Dan Pearce the multimedia teacher in charge said. 

He said students worked about 50 hours over the course of the next three days, and finished the tribute video by Friday, in time for a school wide showing. 

“You could hear a pin drop. People were crying, people were laughing,” Pearce said. 

The tribute included pictures and video, showcasing Folsom’s boisterous personality, as well as interviews with people who knew and loved him. 

Those involved said the finished product was a much needed emotional release.

“We had a lot of hurt students and teachers, and staff and friends that knew him,” Pearce said. 

“People were crying. There were a lot of sniffles being heard. I felt really touched that people felt that way, and I  felt like people could feel emotional about a certain topic that a lot of them had a hard time dealing with before,” Compton said. 

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