Buchanan High School Student Threatened to ‘Shoot up Some Students’ at Graduation, Police Say


CLOVIS, Calif. — Former Buchanan high school student, Kyle Dwelle was ‘going to shoot up’ the school’s graduation, according to police.
“Dwelle had a plan to go to the graduation or practice graduation at Buchanan and shoot up some students,” Tom Roberts, Captain at Clovis Police Department. 

This all started on Monday when students reported Dwelle’s verbal threats to the school. Police said he was a credible threat and arrested him. 

“There was a hand gun that was located and it was a BB gun.  It looked really real,” said Captain Tom Roberts, Clovis Police Department.

Deputy District Attorney and the prosecutor for the case, Andrew Janz, said Dwelle was looking to buy a gun. 

“It is my understanding he was attempting to purchase a firearm to carry out this mass shooting,” said Andrew Janz, Deputy District Attorney. 

Janz said at the preliminary hearing on Thursday morning, he will be asking the judge not to post bail.

“We want to make sure the community is protected and he does not have access to firearms,” said Janz. 

Whatever happens in court, Clovis unified said they are doing what they can to ensure the safety of students. 

They filed a restraining order against Dwelle. 

“What that allows us to do, if he does get out on bail, there is an additional barrier between him and our schools,” said Kelly Avants, Clovis Unified School District. 

Dwelle’s preliminary hearing will be on Thursday morning.

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