#Breaking: TJ Cox takes lead in 21st congressional district battle with David Valadao

11-26 TJ COX_1543282465704.JPG.jpg

Democrat TJ Cox has just taken the lead over Republican incumbent David Valadao, according to the latest numbers coming in from Kern County.   Kern reported updated totals Monday evening.

Cox picked up a total of 885 votes, and now leads Valadao by over 400 votes.  Cox has been slowly making up ground since election night.  At that time Valadao appeared to hold a solid, though slim lead over the Democrat challenger.

But in the weeks that followed Cox has made up ground as mail-in, provisional, and other votes were tallied.   Valadao’s lead has evaporated as the Kern County vote continued to trickle in.

The election is supposed to be certified by December 7th, though a recount has not been ruled out by either side.

The cost of any recount would have to be picked up by the Cox and Valadao camps, not the taxpayers. At this time it appears Valadao has more money left in his war chest that Cox.

This story will be updated.

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