A teenager says he’s lucky to be alive.  For the first time he’s sharing his eyewitness account of being run over by a boat on Millerton Lake. Bryant Howard was kind enough to speak to us. It comes after a boating accident on Bass Lake that claimed the life of a 7-year-old girl. We want to warn our viewers the pictures are graphic. Not many people are able to share a story about being run over by a boat, but after the recent tragedy at Bass Lake Howard felt the need to speak up about an experience that still gives him nightmares.  

For Clovis teenager Bryant Howard Millerton Lake was a great place to have fun with friends in the summer, but on a summer day in 2016 the fun turned to panic.

“I fell off the tube and the driver turned around to come get me and I guess she didn’t see me or something,” said Howard. 
Howard dove deep to escape, but because of his life jacket he couldn’t go deep enough. Before he knew it, the boat and its razor sharp propeller was on top of him.

“Seeing a boat from that angle is absolutely terrifying and I had to dive under and I looked and saw the underside of the boat and even to this day it freaks me out,” said Howard.  

Two years later Bryant is still feels the pain from what happened next. 

“I have nerve damage in my left foot. I can’t feel the left half of my left foot and there’s a constant it almost feels like electricity when someone touches my injury and it hurts very very badly,” said Howard. 

Both of his legs were sliced open by the boat’s propeller.

“It looked like it was a shark attack. It was insane to think that was me because I remember looking down and thinking like how? How did this happen?,” said Howard.  

After dozens of stitches and years of rehab Howard is back on his feet, but he hopes his terrifying experience will remind people on the lake just how quick the fun can turn to life changing tragedy. 

“When they have a boat I hope they take it very seriously and know that they can injure and kill someone like that… very easily. I just hope they take care when they’re driving the boat and really pay attention,” said Howard. 

Howard says he wants people who drive boats to remember they can’t stop it on the water like a car. Last year, there were more than 4,000 boat accidents in the United States.