Park rangers at Hensley Lake are keeping a close eye as the water is under a blue-green algae watch advisory.
Warning signs have been posted around the lake letting people know of the advisory.
People with sensitive skin, kids can get sick if they’re exposed but for dogs it can be deadly.

Hensley Lake Park Manager Doug Plitt said people can still enjoy the water but they just need to be cautious.

Plitt said the lake did have high levels of blue-green algae in the beginning of summer but it has since dropped but moderate to low levels can still be found in the water.

“You’re going to see the algae blow into the coves and usually the algae is present in the water column but it is mostly present in the coves,” Plitt said.

According to officials, blue-green algae can look like foam or scum on the water’s surface, the color can be blue or vibrant green.

On Monday, Officials with the State Water Resource Board were out on the lake testing algae levels.

While they’re low to moderate algae levels, warning signs have been posted around the lake.

“We’ve actually kept it up all winter long. Last year, we had a pretty bad algae bloom and it lasted through the summer,” he said.

State officials will be testing Hensley Lake to see if algae levels continue to go down before the Labor Day weekend.

You can check to see if your favorite California lake is under any health advisories.