Black Friday shoppers braving out the cold and rain to be the first ones in line

11-21 best buys line_1542869609064.JPG.jpg

When it comes to the deals on Black Friday some folks are determined to be first in line. Even if it means waiting in the rain!

Less than a dozen people were spotted camping in front of the Best Buy store in Clovis Wednesday night. 

Some shoppers told us they were waiting in line since 7 p.m. 

The rain is not putting a damper on their holiday tradition. David Gilliland told us waiting in line at Best Buy is an annual event for him. He comes to Clovis to visit his mother, but before Thanksgiving dinner he’s already shopping for the best deals. 

He’s been coming to this location every year since it opened, and says he’s been in the front of the line almost every time. 

“Some people think we’re crazy for being out here, but when you save $300 or $400 that’s pretty good,” Gilliland said. 

Many other folks in line say they have other people on their way to help them while they wait.

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