Bishop's stolen items come full circle

Dinuba, Calif. - This staff is not usually in Bishop Armando Ochoa's hand when he teaches.

Wednesday night, as the bishop confirmed almost 100 youth, it was.

"We're just so happy and ecstatic," godparent Yolanda Alonzo said. "They turned it back in, and he was able to use it today, we feel totally blessed."

Gabriel Arroyo and the Alonzos had heard the staff, and other items, had been stolen.

"I thought it was pretty crazy that people would go and do something like that," Arroyo said. 

Sunday in Los Banos, a thief broke into the Bishop's car, taking his staff and oils.

Wednesday afternoon, a woman returned them, after finding the cases dumped, treated as trash.

Hours later, the Bishop would be here in Dinuba, tying the crime, of all things, to a Bible teaching.

A parable about a lost sheep, found.

"They ripped off the Bishop's crook, the shepherd's staff," Ochoa said. "But isn't it interesting, hopefully with prayer, maybe the lost sheep is going to be brought back into the fold."

Also noting the crime took place, during the season of Lent.

"This is about reconciliation, this is about a change of heart."

Reporting in Dinuba, Megan Rupe.

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