FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) — Beauty salons are able to stay open only if they take their operations outdoors.

Some local shops are making it work despite the Valley heat.

Forever Adored in Clovis has tents set up in their back parking lot. The pop-up services include haircuts, brow services and/or waxing.

They started doing this on Thursday as a trial run and so far the owner, Kelli Torrence,said it’s been a success.

“We’ve had so many new clients show up that’s have followed us on social media but have never made it in for a service. We did 10 haircuts in three hours yesterday, seven brow waxes. The outpouring of support and excitement for us and the willingness to come out so early and be out here outside has been amazing,” said Torrence.

She adds that the heat and the work that comes with setting up each morning were two things that discouraged her from opening a pop-up, but says so far they are making it work by opening early and closing by noon before it gets too hot.

“We are trying to stay in the shade, keep it cool, we have fans and little cold waters that we are offering people and we trying to make it a walk up basis only that way if you feel like you can come out and handle it come on out and see us,” Torrence said.

“ I really appreciate people who are popping up tents and especially cause on times like this you need to adapt and do what you can to stay in business,” said client Valerie Parker.

To keep everyone safe, clients and employees must wear a mask at all times, temperature checks are done upon arrival, and clients must sign a COVID-19 related form.

Forever Adored will be open again Saturday from 8:30 a.m. till noon.