Bear surprises North Fork couple with early morning visit


A North Fork couple got a surprise wake up call — a bear right outside their bedroom window.

It happened early Thursday morning on Thunder Way between Bass Lake and North Fork.

Sue and Larry Langley said they see wildlife all the time, but not usually this close. 

It started around 7 a.m. when Sue heard her Corgi, Maggie, barking at what she thought was a deer. It turns out that deer was actually a bear, and it was right in her front yard.

“I was having coffee and I heard Maggie barking,” Sue said. Without giving it a second thought, she let her out to chase the animal around like she’d done many times before.

“This time I looked out and saw that it was a bear,” she said. 

Sue snapped pictures, while she worked to coax Maggie back inside. Then she delivered an unexpected wake up call. 

“I was sound asleep and she says ‘there’s a bear in the garden,’ and I’m going ‘I’m half asleep,’ I’m trying to wake up, ‘a bear? A bear!,'” Larry said. 

The couple watched from inside as their guest also made itself at home.

“The bear had come over here to this big rock and sat on a bench,” Sue said.  

It then went straight to their window where Sue was able to grab more pictures. 

The couple said they’re used to wildlife. “We’re in their backyard,” Larry said. 

Sue said she felt very privileged to see the bear so close. “The thoughts just go out of your head and you watch. I thought it was so neat to just be able to see it,” she said. 

After about 10 to 15 minutes the couple had all they could bear. “Finally I knocked on the window and the bear looked at me and took off,” Larry said. 

The couple said they’ve lived in the house about 14 years and this is only the second time they’ve seen a bear.

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