MADERA, California (KGPE) — A disturbing development in the search for 2-year-old Thaddeus Sran, police say they’ve found the body of a toddler in an area west of Madera.

Moments before that announcement, the attorney representing Sran’s parents issued his first statement on their behalf. In it, he maintains the parents have been fully cooperative with this investigation and they just want their son home.

Madera Police Chief, Dino Lawson said a lead in the investigation lead them to Avenue 21 near Road 14. He said his investigators, along with partner agencies like Cal OES, brought their cadaver dogs.

At 9:15 a.m., they’d find the body of a child between the ages of two and three-years-old , according to Lawson. Although at this time the body couldn’t be positively identified, Lawson said it’s very likely the child they found is Sran.

He said this discovery is a testament to his department’s work on this case.

“From the beginning of this, they’ve gone 24/7. They have not stopped. They just continue to build investigative lead after investigative lead — that’s what lead us to the area,” Lawson said.

In his 34 years, Lawson said the disappearance of Sran has affected him deeply. It’s been eight days since his parents reported him missing. There was immediate concern for his well-being, given Sran had numerous medical conditions and that he used a feeding tube to eat.

Lawson said the investigation is ongoing.

“I think we’re real close. We can bring some justice and a conclusion to this, hopefully soon,” he said.

Less than ten minutes before the Lawson’s announcement, Roger Nuttall, the attorney representing Sran’s parents, released a two-page statement. In it, Nuttall refutes police’s statement that they have stopped cooperating. Also, it infers investigators had stopped reaching out to the family after they hired him.

“I am advised by the Srans that thereafter, no further effort was made by members of law enforcement to personally speak with them further,” the statement reads.

When asked about this, Lawson said, “I stand by what our department released. Any deviation from that, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Lawson took the time to thank the partnering agencies in this investigation, as well as the community for their efforts to find Sran.

“They are just the epitome of what it is to be a Maderan,” he said.

Lawson confirmed Sran’s parents’ three other children are currently with Child Protective Services.

The child’s identity, as well as other information in this case, is expected to be released in the coming days.