Assemblyman Arambula awaits DA’s decision over his child abuse arrest back in December


Assemblyman Joaquin Arambula is slated to be in a Fresno courtroom next Wednesday facing a child abuse charge.

The district attorney is expected to announce either Monday or Tuesday if they will charge him with misdemeanor child abuse.

“I had a daughter that was acting out, I’m embarrassed to say it’s something we don’t routinely do but I did spank her on her bottom.”

It’s been nearly three months since this interview with assemblyman Joaquin Arambula. He was arrested on december 10th and charged with misdemeanor child abuse. Come next week, Arambula could find himself in a Fresno courtroom fighting that allegation.

“Do they for example have pictures showing welts or bruises on the child.”

Our legal analyst David Mugridge says the DA will have to decide whether or not to file those charges a day or two before Arambula’s scheduled arraignment next Wednesday.

“I’ve never even actually hit anyone in the face, man, woman or child.” said Arambula.

The assemblyman maintains he has never done anything more than spank his 7-year old daughter on her bottom. Fresno police chief Jerry Dyer says otherwise.

“There is no injury to the buttocks, that’s not what we are investigating and even though we can’t talk about the specifics of the injury, i can say the injury in this case is not on the buttocks.”

If Arambula ends up being charged he could be facing much more than legal problems. Mugridge says Arambula’s medical licence could be in jeopardy. As far as the political backlash.

“We’ve had many politicians in the U.S. that have committed grievous crimes so it won’t be something necessarily going to derail his future political career.” said Mugridge.

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