FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A humanitarian crisis is unfolding in Armenia as thousands of refugees are pouring in from the neighboring territory that was attacked by Azerbaijan last week.

With heavy loads and heavy hearts, Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh are crossing into Armenia at the border in Goris to begin a new life from scratch.

“The more I enter Armenia my pain is getting worse. I feel that I’m getting more away from my homeland,” says Gregory Yejhian, a refugee seeking shelter from the unrest.

Heading into the city of Goris, a steady stream of refugee families as vehicles packed with possessions are on the way to destinations unknown.

“Last week was very bad. There was shelling everywhere. We were in the basement and we were told to go to the airport to evacuate, but it never happened,” Arevik Gharmanian, another refugee hoping for peace.

The Red Cross is also here to offer these families food drinks and refreshments.

“As many of them have been stuck on the road entering Armenia for 30 plus, 40 plus hours. So when they’re arriving here, they’re really in need of the basic necessities,” says Anais Astarjian, a volunteer helping the refugees in need.

The number of refugees is growing by the hour- now near 50,000 or more, each receiving documents to start the process of Armenian citizenship – yet everyone had only one goal in mind.

“I want peace and I want to go back to my home my village and live peacefully. I’m asking for peace,” says refugee Assia Beklarian.

The Fresno Medical Mission says it will plan a fundraiser for the refugees after it returns to Fresno.