YEREVAN, Armenia (KSEE) – A group of doctors from Fresno and around the world are in Armenia for a two-week medical mission. 

The mission comes at a time of great need for not only medical care but a need for action.

Fresno’s Medical Mission to Armenia has arrived. Led by Fresno’s Honorary Consul to Armenia, doctors will be providing humanitarian care to people in need at a time of crisis.

Here in Republic Square— like the town square— in Yerevan, Armenia’s capital city, there is a postal building, the Armenian History Museum, and government buildings. This is where protests have been held the last few days, including one Sunday.

Armenians are upset about the government’s response to the crisis in Nagorno Karabakh, a small enclave between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The territory is the target of a military attack by Azerbaijan leaving it’s 120,000 people in peril.

“The country, the United States, could have just instructed and fixed some kind of instructions. And sanctions against Azerbaijan. What’s the reason for keeping silence all the time?”

The protest left broken windows and police on alert with riot gear at the ready.

A portion of the mission’s focus will be to treat soldiers injured in Armenia’s 2020 war with Azerbaijan.

KSEE24 will be documenting their work in the days to come.