FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE)- A medical mission of doctors from Fresno is in Armenia to help people in need. 

It comes at a time of crisis as the people of an enclave territory between Armenia and Azerbaijan are now fleeing their homes. 

The population of Armenia is growing by the thousands as scores of refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh cross the border and enter the country. The lifting of a 10-month blockade has allowed traffic to move once again. 

The Associated Press estimates more than thirteen thousand have fled their homes after last week’s deadly assault by Azeri forces. 

“Glad that they’re safe, finally somewhere safe. Somewhere they can get food and not be deprived of something. But it’s also very sad they’ve had to leave somewhere they’ve lived their whole life, set up their whole life, and have to come and restart from scratch,” says Saro Tahanian, who is on the ground assisting refugees in the time of crisis.

It comes as an explosion at a gas station near the border left more than 120 people dead and dozens wounded. 

Senator Gary Peters of Michigan is in Armenia to assess the situation. 

“Some of the military aid assistance the Unites States gives to Azerbaijan, that should be looked at and potentially be removed if positive action is not taken to support human rights and preserve basic dignity for Armenians living in Nagorno Karabakh,” said Senator Peters.

In Armenia, protests have been taking place nightly as different factions are calling for different resolutions to the crisis.

It’s another sad chapter for the people in Armenia. Approximately 1.5 million lost their lives in the 1915 genocide – many say a second genocide is now taking place.